Privacy Policy

In order to provide a more complete and diverse range of services and products, the company (Midouyou Information Technology Co., Ltd.), hereinafter referred to as Midouyou, collects, uses, manages and provides your information to providers. services or related companies in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Laws To ensure a better service quality for you. and is committed to oversight and ensuring that employees are rigorous and have absolute confidentiality when processing data.

1. Purpose of collecting personal information

When you use the products under Midouyou official website, you may need to provide certain personal information in order to continue to use the services related to members of the gaming platform. The main purposes for collecting personal data are as follows:

(1) Verification of the identity of the account holder – for this reason, during registration, it is necessary to collect information such as your full name, identification number, address, e-mail address, etc.

(2) game platform service and support These include contact information. This will be used to provide you with the latest news such as products and services to match the service or support you require.

(3) Comments or survey responses - We will collect your email address or full name.

(4) Provision of statistical data for the provision of quality service - Information about the use of the service may be used for statistical data synthesis and analysis. This helps companies to customize content that is most appropriate and easily accessible for users.

(5) Marketing purposes - including contacting you directly or notify you of the latest news through other channels We are committed to following our strict guidelines and selecting reliable and reputable partners to provide our services. However, our privacy protections do not cover information that you provide to third parties (purchasing parties).

sell online auctions online shop or other linked sites), and Midouyou recommends that you consult the relevant authorities for regulations and guidelines before providing any personal information.

2. Types of Information Collected

(1) Basic data: including your full name, gender, date of birth, email address, or other personal data that can directly or indirectly identify you, and if necessary, the original or copy will be used for verification. take a test

(2) Accounting information: including account numbers of financial institutions credit card number transaction contact information and other financial status information, and the original or copy will be required for verification if necessary.

3. Period of use of personal information

Midouyou requires your data during the processing period.

4. Scope of use of personal information

Midouyou uses a global scope of personal information.

5. Disclosure of Collected Information

You confirm and authorize Midouyou to maintain and store all information you provide. We will maintain, control and fully protect all information within these databases in accordance with strict security and confidentiality standards. and will not be disclosed to third parties. Exclude the following people or organizations:

(1) Employees of Midouyou who have received training and are officially authorized to handle customer information.

(2) Third-party service providers providing support services. These service providers have contracted to comply with the privacy standards set forth herein.

(3) Any person to whom Midouyou is required to disclose information in accordance with the requirements of applicable law. government or regulatory oversight

(4) In case of business restructuring organizational restructuring or similar status of the Company Trustee or any person assignee of the Company

(5) Individuals or organizations with whom you trade through Midouyou platform services, such as cash flow services, banks, credit or other organizations, etc.

(6) Midouyou reserves the right to disclose your personal information to individuals only in the following cases:

(a) Midouyou has reasonable grounds to believe that disclosure of this information is necessary to identify or contact you;

(b) when you violate these Terms of Use of Midouyou's website or products, or when your actions cause damage or disruption to Midouyou's website, rights, products, or other users; and that harassment takes legal action against you.

(c) where Midouyou has reasonable grounds to believe that you have been involved in fraud or other illegal activities and breaches of contract;

(7)Advertisers or other websites that you find linked to Midouyou's website may collect your personal information. This Privacy Policy does not apply to other advertisers or websites nor can we control their activities.

6. Consequences of not providing information or providing false information

(1) When joining as a member of the Midouyou website or applying for other services, and personal information is required. If the information you provide is reported by others or found by Midouyou to be insufficient to verify your identity, Midouyou may suspend the provision of services to you. If after you edit the message and receive confirmation of your identity from Midouyou, we will continue your service. If you are still unable to verify your identity, Midouyou will not be able to process your request.

(2) When joining as a member of the Midouyou website or applying for other services, you can choose whether or not to provide information when you are required to provide personal information upon request. But you may not be able to use specific services or products that require registration or related information (e.g. electronic newspapers). In addition, if there is a situation where the account has been accounted for fraud or the information has been stolen, Midouyou will not be able to process your request. because you did not provide or provide false information; We are therefore unable to verify your identity.

7. User Choice

Midouyou may provide users with news or recent communications at uncertain times that occur without your request via e-mail. If you no longer wish to receive unsolicited notifications, You can contact our customer service staff via email. Our staff will remove your name from the list of contacts for the notification listed above. We will collect your contact details for customer service, such as notifying you of the latest promotions. changes to membership services, etc.

8. Collection of information using "cookies"

We may use "cookie files" to collect information about users using the Services. This is useful for users to visit the website again. "Cookie files" are bits of information sent by an Internet server that are stored in a web browser. To make this content available to future browsers, the information collected from cookie files is currently used to improve our services. The information obtained from the Midouyou Service is organized and sorted based on the Company's analysis of the cumulative use of the User's use. Cookie files make the login process smoother and faster. Including record the duration of the call.

You can disable the cookie function on your browser without affecting your visit to our website. But the function of the cookie file will make our service more convenient. Turning off the cookie file function may result in complexity of use and increased data entry procedures. You should also be aware that if you remove the cookie file function may affect certain functions of the Midouyou service.

9. Data Security Protocols

We take into account the security protocols of all information collected. and has taken measures to prevent unauthorized access to or use of such information. To ensure the security of electronic communications, however, we are not liable for breaches of security protocol measures. Disclosure or use of any information without permission

10. Caution for posting

Any place accessible to the general public on the Midouyou platform is likely to be indexed by search engines. If you choose to disclose personal information in a publicly accessible place Users should be extra careful.

11. Updates to Privacy Policy

We take user privacy very seriously. They also know that when the company introduces new functions or business services. This policy needs to be updated. and we will notify users of the revision prior to revision of this policy.

12. Other benefits

After passing verification from Midouyou, you will be able to claim the following.

(1) Check whether the company has stored your personal information or not.

(2) access to all of your information held by the Company

(3) request that your information be corrected

(4) From time to time, check and find out the policies and guidelines implemented by the Company regarding information and types of information held by the Company.

(5) If you prohibit access to or use of your information and request that Midouyou be notified of the above provisions, Midouyou reserves the right to charge a reasonable fee for compliance with the above provisions.

(6) Users can contact the Platform to delete their data.